Real Money Earning Games in India - Play and Earn Money in 2020

Real Money Earning Games in India

Are you looking for real money earning games in India? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here you'll find what you are looking for. But the question is are these games actually pay money by simply playing games? Yes! of course, here below I've listed the best real money earning games in India with details please have a look.

  1. Bubble Burst
  2. Krazy Kart
  3. Big Time Cash
  4. Baazi Now
  5. Loco
  6. Qureka
  7. Dream11
  8. Myteam11
  9. My11Circle
  10. FanFight
  11. CashBite
  12. PayTM First Games
  13. Rummy Circle
  14. Junglee Rummy
  15. Rummy Passion

And don't worry these games are totally free to play, but in a few of them, you need to add some cash (not more) and winning prizes are so huge. So, stick to the post up to the end and don't skip any single part of this post. So, let's started...

Real Money Earning Games in India With Details

Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst is a genuine game that really pays money and it is a good option for you if you want to earn real money by playing games. This game is so simple and easy to play. By playing this game you can earn daily PayPal money easily. And there is another option for you to earn through this game is referring, you can refer this game to your friends and you'll get a reward on each refers.

Krazy Kart

Krazy Kart is another good option for you, this game is developed by the same company as Bubble Burst. So, this game is also genuine and trusted. You can earn PayPal cash by playing this game. There are another lot of options are available to earn more like referring, etc.

Big Time Cash

Big time Cash is a similar game like Bubble Burst and Krazy Kart, and it is also developed by the same developer as of two. Big Time Cash is a simple and easy game, by playing this game you can earn PayPal cash daily. So, don't waste time go, play, and win cash.

Baazi Now
If you have basic general knowledge then you can easily win cash daily on Baazi Now. Here on Baazi Now you can play a daily quiz, games, etc. And you can easily withdraw your winning amount in your PayTM wallet.


If you want real money earning games in India, then here is another choice for you to play. Basically Loco is a genuine quiz game that actually pays money. You can redeem your winnings in your PayTM wallet directly.


Qureka is also a type of quiz game. Here you can earn money by simply answering questions. Here is a chance for you to earn daily money. You can withdraw your winnings in your PayTM wallet.


Dream11 is a type of fantasy game. Here you need to add some small amount of money to participate in the contest. But the winnings are so huge, if you are lucky then you will definitely win lakhs and crores.

Here you can participate in many games like cricket, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, etc. So, go, download, and play.


Myteam11 is also a type of fantasy game. Basically, the working of Myteam11 is the same as Dream11.

My11Circle is a type of fantasy game where you can win big prizes daily. This game works the same as Dream11 and Myteam11. So, you can also play this game surely.

FanFight is also a type of fantasy game. You can win thousands of rupees daily here. One best thing about FanFight is, here competition is low as compare to other fantasy game apps.


CashBite is a different kind of money earning game, where you can earn cash by completing simple tasks like install apps, answer surveys, and more.

PayTM First Games
If you are searching for real money earning games in India then, here is the best option for you. This platform is very trusted and genuine, you can play every type of game here on PayTM First Games. And the money you win will be instantly transferred to your PayTM wallet.

If you are interested in card games then this is an option for you to earn money. RummyCircle is a 13 cards game that is simple to play and win. You can earn daily thousands of rupees from RummyCircle. So, go and play now!

Junglee Rummy
As the name of this game, this is also a card game. Junglee Rummy also provides lots of opportunities to earn thousands of rupees daily. So, without wasting time go, download and, play.

Rummy Passion
Hey, are you interested in playing card games? if yes, then here is another one opportunity for you to earn a big amount. You can earn daily thousands of rupees from Rummy Passion, just you need a perfect knowledge of this game. So, go, play, and win big!


Which game is best for earning money?

There are a lot of games which are best for earning, few of them are...
  1. Bubble Burst
  2. Krazy Kart
  3. Big Time Cash
  4. Qureka
  5. Loco
  6. Dream11
  7. Myteam11
  8. Baazi Now
  9. FanFight
  10. PayTM First Games
From these platforms, you can directly transfer winnings into your bank account easily.

What apps pay you real money to play games?

There are so many apps that pay real money to play games, one of them is PayTM First Games. Here you can win daily thousands of rupees by simply playing games. This winning amount you can easily transfer to your PayTM wallet.

Which games give real money?

Dream11 is a fantasy game, which gives you a chance to earn real money. And if you were lucky then you can win lakhs and crores with Dream11. This wining amount you can easily transfer to your bank account.

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